January 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

2014 was a brilliant year of adventure. I chopped off my long hair, spent my first summer working in Manhattan, took my first fashion class and explored Europe and the UK with my best friend during my semester abroad. While I’ll continue to miss London dearly, I’m excited to start 2015 with a first: living and studying in New York City. This semester, my fifth as a Style Guru, I’ll be documenting the city’s lively street style looks as I spend the spring at Fordham University while simultaneously interning in Manhattan. My love for New York has always been explicit and I look forward to capturing the city’s energy as it is expressed through fashion. Being able to visit my favorites at CollegeFashionista HQ won’t be so bad either.

With every new semester as a Style Guru, my style changes slightly. London is a transformative city and it proved to be both stylistically entrancing and influential. As I documented this past fall, Londoners carry themselves rather effortlessly, their clothes are edgy and there is always something left undone in the chicest way possible. Living in the midst of that street style, you can’t help but be inspired. I’m not sure that my style can be classified, but it can be categorized into two colors: black and white. As Anna Wintour claimed she would never wear head-to-toe black, I became quite fond of it. Black and white are a timeless combination. Most things look better in black and white and I’ve come to find that outfits are no exception. I’ve started to play more with texture, incorporating a mix of delicate fabrics with rough leather pieces. My style morphed into an exterior representation of my personality: blunt and sweet. This ‘60s inspired getup incorporates my fashion favorites for the upcoming season: turtlenecks, oversized coats, check trousers and lots of leather.

Woking with CollegeFashionista has been and continues to be a fun and rewarding experience. My body still gets tingly when someone I don’t know well says they read my articles. I find that CollegeFashionista uses fashion to make the world more explorable, to connect and to inspire, creating a microcosm of wonderful, smart and giving individuals. The genius team behind the brand continues to escalate my knowledge and love of fashion which I hope to translate through my writing.