Fashion is inescapable: it’s constantly surrounding us, conjuring up memories and unexpected emotion. The fashions we see today are changing mélanges of styles, old and new, that juxtapose the sameness of our daily lives. I love the way that fashion can reflect the times we live in, and I think that’s why fashion has been something that has always been a major part of my life. For as long as I can remember, I have been entranced by fabrics, silhouettes and the latest trends.

Even at a young age, I saw fashion as something that can bring people together, and as something that can tell a story. I hope that through this semester, I can put a little style in everyone’s lives, and give people the tools to better write their fashion story. I want to show people that there are no rules in fashion: wear what you want, when you want. Tell your story with the fabrics that adorn your body. Today’s style is unlike it has ever been, as people are ignoring everything we ever thought we knew about fashion.  I believe in fashion. I believe in mixing classics, like dark denim and sweaters, with the unexpected, like bright pink rain boots and trendy necklaces. I believe that everyone can show their true selves with the clothes they wear.

Today, as an International Business and Finance major, I don’t encounter fashion in my classes, but I still see it every day. With my French and retailing minors, I aspire to, one day, ensure fashion companies are running as efficiently as possible. I do not think I can do this without having an innate understanding of the clothes, shoes and accessories that fuel the market, so I immerse myself in today’s trends. The world of fashion is exciting, and I can’t wait to delve deeper into the world that I love.