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STYLE GURU BIO: Karly Siegel

Hey there, CollegeFashionista readers! I am excited to announce that this is my third semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. Since some of you may be new readers or you have just never seen me on here before, I will go over all the basics about me. My name is Karly Siegel and I am a sophomore at Ohio University. I am majoring in retail merchandising and fashion product development with minors in marketing and business. I am originally from Northern Virginia and I spend my summers by the beach in Ocean City, Maryland. I think that living in three different places throughout the year is what really makes my style unique; I am lucky to have such a variety of different inspirations and influences.

If I had to describe my style in three words I would use bohemian, chic and retro. I may not always wear all of these three styles at once, but when I do I feel most like myself. I use the word retro because more than half my clothes look like they came straight out of another era. I love vintage clothing and most of my style icons are no longer alive. I use the word bohemian because my favorite decades for fashion are the ’60s and ’70s, where cool prints and flowy fabrics were all the rage. And finally, I use the word chic because I cannot deny my love for a beautiful pair of strappy heels and a sleek black dress.

Today, the look I am showing you is more of a mix of retro and chic, I like to call it “retro chic.” I am wearing a gray dress that has a tasteful cutout at the top of my chest. I paired the dress with my new favorite maroon booties and added a mixture of tights and knee-high socks. It is getting a little cold for bare legs now, so It is time to start layering. There are not many retro pieces in this look, but my transparent cat eye glasses are what throw a ’50s twist on my modern outfit (Audrey Hepburn even had a similar pair back in the day).

Thanks for reading my post and learning a little more about me. I look forward to sharing tons of #RAD street styles and fashion tips with you this semester. Stay tuned for my next article, I promise it will contain a lot more about fashion and a lot less about me.