STYLE GURU BIO: Kalina Pawlowicz

May 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey guys! My name is Kalina Pawlowicz and I am a rising sophomore at The University of Pittsburgh. I intend to major in Business, with a focus in Marketing. Pittsburgh is an up and coming city in the heart of Western Pennsylvania, chock full of fashionable college aged students. The University of Pittsburgh is a large metropolitan school, with over 18,000 undergraduate students from all stylistic and familial backgrounds. Walking around campus, students can be seen in anything from sweatpants to jeans, a maxi dress to a sleek blazer. Much like the students themselves, their fashion range is broad and extremely varied. With five other major universities in the area, the Pittsburgh atmosphere is a diverse blend of students with different personalities represented through their clothing.

While I attend school in Pittsburgh, I was born and raised outside of New York City in Westchester County, New York where I am spending the summer working several jobs. My two urban homes have greatly influenced my sense of style.  The city of Pittsburgh is known as “The City of Bridges” which is why I chose to take my bio pictures on the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City’s oldest and most iconic bridge. The bridge metaphor links my two homes, as well as the fashions that define Pittsburgh and New York City.

I find myself drawn to natural aesthetic and classic colors like navy, white, gold, brown, ivory and earthy greens.  I enjoy stylistic simplicity and feel that the right accessories can diversify and personalize any look. A big chunky necklace and bangles can add spunk and personality to a seemingly basic outfit.

I have been lucky enough to travel to Europe, Central and South America, Australia and around the United States. In each place I visit, I take notice of distinct trends and cultural influences.  Through traveling, my own sense of style has become more focused and I have been able to pull inspiration from many avenues. I have come to appreciate looks and fashion forward ideas opposite from my own.

I look forward to utilizing New York City for style inspirations in my posts and in my own looks this summer, and Pittsburgh in the fall! Some style trends I anticipate this summer include rompers, shades of blues with a pop of salmon, high strapped sandals and floppy hats.

Can’t wait to see what the New York City Fashionistas have to offer!