STYLE GURU BIO: Kaitlyn Fensterer

Hello, Fashionistas/os!

I am thrilled to be returning for my third and final semester as a Style Guru. Writing for CollegeFashionista has been the most amazing experience and I am looking forward to finishing off my college days as a Style Guru. I have found a new love and photography through CollegeFashionista. My love and passion for fashion has grown so much over the past three semesters. I am looking forward to graduating in the spring and finally being able to get out into the fashion world!

My style is very preppy; however I often wear darker colors compared to the typical navy and pink. My favorite thing to wear is black and white stripes. If you look in my closet there are various black and white tank tops, T-shirts, dresses and sweaters. I don’t know why I love them so much, I guess it’s just a preppy look that I adore. If I’m not wearing my signature stripes, I’m probably wearing some other neutral color such as black, tan or white. I love a classic look. My friends always tease me and ask if I own clothes in any other colors (and I do), but I love to look clean and put together.

Just because I wear darker colors doesn’t mean my style is boring. I love to wear jewelry or scarves with a pop of color and I am obsessed with sparkle. I love a statement necklace! I try to incorporate a little bling in my look wherever I can. I believe that just a little sparkle can spice up any look and will make you look elegant.

My other obsession is boots. I hardly ever wear anything else. I have sneakers and some flats but I feel it is easier to just throw on a pair of boots. It instantly makes it look like you tried harder and you look more put together. I seriously cannot get enough of them.

I’m looking forward to my last semester in college and my last semester as a Style Guru. I cant wait to scout out the latest trends and looks and show other fellow Fashionistas!