STYLE GURU BIO: Julia Mattis

Hello, world! I am Julia Mattis, first-year fine arts major with a focus in photography at the Ohio State University, first-year Style Guru, passionate photographer, yogi and aspiring Globetrotter.

I strongly believe that experience is the most effective form of learning, that we grow by going outside of our comfort zone and carpe diem. And the best part about embracing these mottos is that they are applicable to all aspects of life. Therefore when it comes to fashion, I have three bits of advice. Number one is to feel it. Like most things, overthinking tends to kill the vibe. Second, be bold people. Draw outfit inspiration from whatever interests you, and do not be afraid to mimic that risky trend photographed so beautifully in the glossy pages of your favorite fashion magazine. Third, dress for yourself. If you feel it, do not be afraid rock that daring plunge. Needless to say, I am a firm believer that girls don’t dress for boys. Enough said.

Describing my personal style is difficult, because choosing outfits or falling in love with dresses with price tags higher than fine china is a subconscious act. To me it’s interesting when one describes an article of clothing as very “Julia,” and I find it astonishing that a simple piece of fabric can portray the same characteristics as a unique individual. Talk about fashion as a form of self expression!

Although I admitted it was difficult to describe my own style, I did not deem the task impossible, therefore I will begin the commentary. A glance in my closet reveals a lot of  neutral and earthy colors scattered between pops of maroon, floral patterns and lace. After thinking about it, this makes sense for I am drawn to the natural and find inspiration from the delicate, yet intricate detail of nature.

Another highly influential factor affecting my style is my slight addiction to Free People’s blog. I must confess, of late, the chances that Free People’s website is pulled up on my Safari browser is a solid 9.9/10. I am inspired by the lifestyle portrayed through their ideas and photographs, it simply makes sense to me.

Photography and fashion go hand in hand. The style in which an outfit is photographed significantly influences how I view the clothes and I love that. Photography is a powerful medium. Photographs transform moments of life into ideas, express feelings and emotions for others to relate to and possess the ability to inspire people to look at the world in a different light.

While studying art and photography at the Ohio State University, I know that failure will be experienced numerous times, but I will learn from these experiences and I hope to take my work to a whole new level. In the meantime, I will continue to follow my inspirations and passion and share them with you on CollegeFashionista. Namaste, mis amigos.