Hello you beautiful people. My name is Julia Haber. I am a freshman at Syracuse University, taking on the cold and making names. I am studying Public Relations and Entrepreneurship with a concentration in Fashion and Entertainment. This is my first semester joining the CollegeFashionista family, and I could not be more excited! I am looking forward to sharing my inner thoughts while observing fashion styles on my campus!

My fashion story started years ago. My parents even say it all began the day I was born. Sources say I was a fidgety fat baby girl in no mood for the baby clothes my mother had so graciously picked out. Opinionated and all, I was content rocking the first suit I have ever owned, my birthday suit. From that point on my wardrobe consisted of pieces of clothing that resembled my true taste and voice as a Fashionista.

Fast-forwarding through my awkward stage (the one where we all resorted to American Apparel hoodies and CVS brand caked on eyeliner) I began to develop a true passion for spotting trends and melding styles into everyday outfits. At this point, my love affair with Zara, Topshop and Urban Outfitters was born. My obsession with these brands propelled me to purchase some of my favorite shoes, trench coats and more. Unfortunately my obsession got a bit out of hand, and resulted in a conversation with my parental units encouraging me, a young wide-eyed retail addict to get a job. What once sounded like a terrible request became one of the most challenging, informative and memorable experiences in my fashion career.

I began working at a clothing store in my hometown called Pookie and Sebastian. My experiences at the store opened my eyes to new possibilities and endeavors I could experience in the fashion world. My job as a sales associate allowed me to hone in on my skills in spotting trends and making outfits, while helping others feel and look fabulous!

Now, as an experienced fashion enthusiast, I look forward to sharing my style with you from Syracuse’s campus. In my blog you will be able to spot my love for oversized sweaters, clean edges and statement pieces. I hope the styles I spot act as inspiration for your next outfit needs. Whether it be strutting your stuff to your Psychology class or hitting the big party this weekend, I got you covered!