STYLE GURU BIO: Julia Franchi

January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Julia, and I’m ecstatic at the prospect of sharing the fabulous fashion that travels around Smith College. As a child, fashion was all about glitter, bright colors and more glitter. Although my tastes have evolved (I promise), I firmly believe fashion is at its best when it makes a statement or exudes personal style. After all, it is the person that completes the look. Think of it more as your personality directing your clothes rather than your clothes directing your personality.

So why not wander around alleys in heels in between homework sessions? I have to say, it’s very therapeutic.

Confession: I’m obsessed with coats. And shoes. For this look, I’m wearing my current favorite of both. The coat is wearable year-round thanks to its wool fabric yet light material, while the fit and color make it timeless. In short, it’s perfect for those spring-like winter days. To make sure you’re still warm, add fishnet tights and a scarf with a colorful or funky pattern to contrast with the minimalistic structure of the coat.

I revere the person who said shoes “determine 90 percent of someone’s personality.” To spunk up any look, add some fun footwear; it may contribute to the added confidence in your strut. This duo certainly receives both marks.

My personal style is always changing. One day I’ll dress bohemian-inspired, the next as a woman from the ’50s. My advice? Have fun using clothes as a medium for your personality.