Hello fashion bunnies! My name is Joy and I am a 4-foot-11-inch girl who fell in love with fashion when I received my first pair of heels. Mind you, I was five years old at the time and the “heels” I received were white kitten heels for kids; fifteen years later and I can still fit into kids shoes. While the only picture I can draw successfully is a stick figure, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry, but not in design. When I saw Burberry’s “From London with Love” Christmastime ad I realized what aspect of the industry I wanted to be involved in–marketing. This influenced my decision to pursue a double major in Marketing and Business Communications at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. Not only have I fallen in love with fashion, but I have developed a passion for marketing because I can see the direct effect of the fashion industry on consumers like you and me.

Besides my dedication to my studies, I love to be involved on the ASU campus. I am currently a member of the W.P. Carey Business School Council and am pursuing a position in Greek life. As a business student, fashion is an essential part of our professional culture. As a member of the Business School Council, I have had unique opportunities to interact with the fashion clubs on campus; their mission is to educate students about fashion, the industry and encourage them to express their personal style. Being involved in various clubs on campus has allowed me to meet many amazing individuals who have helped me grow in both character and personal style. As I continue my college career, I am looking forward to the evolution of my personal growth and fashion taste.

If I had to describe my style, it would be a West Coast take on European couture. I love elegant, simple lines but like to dress down a fancier piece and transform it into street-wear. For this particular outfit, I took the classic little black dress and turned it into a versatile day-to-night look. The sleeveless moto jacket gives it a little pop of color and doubles as an accessory, so you can forgo the chunky necklace. To complete the look, I added some black heeled sandals with dainty tassels to add some West Coast flair.

Throughout this semester, I cannot wait to give you a deeper look into my unique style and writing. I hope I can inspire my readers the way I have been inspired by the fashion industry. I am hoping to give you that moment where you find your passion to chase your wildest dreams, just like I did when I got my first pair of heels. Who knows, maybe someone will have their “white kitten heel” epiphany.