STYLE GURU BIO: Jordan Ratner

January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello again my fashionable friends! I’m back for another exciting semester of being a Style Guru! Nothing beats the vibrant spring semester at the University of Delaware.  The Green is filled with bustling college activities, frantic freshman still trying to find their classes and the most fashionable students on campus.  After a long two months home for winter break, I can’t wait to rejoin the college scene in February.  Although February and March may bring about bone-chilling walks to class (contrary to the weather now), I know my fellow classmates will not disappoint with their outfit choices.

As you could probably guess, I’m elated for spring semester (hence why I’m wearing shorts). These shorts, however, are versatile and can be worn during any season because of the suede fabric like this pair. Match them with your favorite pair of tights and you’re ready to take on the cold, wintery weather. I decided to add a touch of old school ’50s flare to this outfit with the white bobby socks and oxfords. Pairing this outfit with a beige cardigan keeps the outfit neutral while keeping me warm.

What I love most about accessories is that there is never a wrong way to wear them! Accessories are the cherries on top of an already fab outfit.  This black statement necklace was a perfect addition to my preppy inspired outfit because it stood out and fell perfectly over my light pink collared button down. I added a beige beanie and a teal clutch for a pop of color to finish my look.

As the seasons change from winter to spring, I look forward to seeing new trends come about.  I can’t wait to discover what the spring semester has in store for fashion and to report my findings back to all of you!  Rock on Fashionistas/os and always remember to try new styles and stand out in a crowd.