January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello, World!

What can I do with a camera and Wifi? This spring semester, I plan to inspire others by capturing the latest trends roaming on my campus and documenting the different styles.

My name is Jessie Kwan and I am a sophomore majoring in marketing at Binghamton University. I plan on taking this major and applying it to the fashion industry sometime in the future. The fashion industry continues to amaze me with its evolving inventions from the past. The fact that my mom’s cardigan (shown in the images) were from 20 years ago means that one, I look through my mom’s closet for unique pieces but more importantly two fashion repeats itself.

Born and raised in New York I had the privilege of taking a subway ride to Manhattan to shop and spot street fashion. It’s my version of a runway. New York’s fast-paced personality makes it unique and attractive. With many cultures embedded into the city life, I am inspire by the different ways strangers can pull off a runway-worthy look so effortlessly. Besides roaming around New York City, during my free time, you can find me sketching unproportional croquis with garments on them. Imagining a casual stroll at the park, one croquis will be rocking a grey varsity T-shirt with black skinnies while another croquis will be going on a brunch date with floral culottes and white lace top. Similar to my croquis, I like to style my outfit according to how I’m feeling that day and what I will be doing- which usually comprises of layering on different sweaters and jackets to complete the look. I am also a big fan of accessories! And recently, thanks to my summer job, I cannot leave my house without wearing my watch.

Whether you are rocking the comfy flannel to those stretchy leather pants, I admire those who step out of their room with eye-catching statement outfits. This semester, I am inviting everyone to look through my lens as I capture the fashion on campus. As much as I like to spot fashion everywhere, I never thought I would be able to approach Fashionistas/os on my campus and photograph them, let alone share it with the internet. This new challenge is going to be a fun journey and I hope you are just excited as I am! Hopefully, you will be inspire by these articles and dare to expand your wardrobe too!