STYLE GURU BIO: Jessica García

Hello all, my name is Jessica. I am currently studying Spanish in the rainy city of Seattle. I live at home with my nuclear family and the babe of my existence—a Shiba Inu named Angel. Despite her name, she is the complete opposite of one, yet for the past 16 years she has been my best accessory. She attracts everyone and anyone. Autumn is for sure our favorite season. My dog loves it because that’s when I take her out for long walks whereas I love it because I can wear long trench coats.

The outfit I’m wearing here represents my essentials: dark tones, slightly tailored and casual. I believe that less is more. My wardrobe may lack color but I’m all about a neutral palette. It brings more simplicity to a look while being easy on the eyes and providing endless combinations. Basically, this trench is a treasured staple of mine. Wearable for any occasion as I have worn it to attend class lectures, attend gallery openings and even to film a wedding ceremony. At university I usually dress it down by layering an oversized turtleneck underneath and exchanging the ankle boots for a pair of sneakers. Sophistication is instantly added whether you leave it opened or cinch the waist with the attached belt for a more fitted look. Definitely one of the best purchases my debit card has allowed me to make at Zara.

I have always been infatuated with fashion photography and hope that I can pursue a career that revolves around it. My projects for the last two years have been dedicated to editorial photo shoots but as of right now I have decided to study Spanish. As a romance enthusiast, I find it appropriate. The poetry of Pablo Neruda, the music of the Gipsy Kings and the Golden Age of Mexican cinema melt my heart. These are some elements of what make up my culture. However, I want to gain a deeper education and perhaps become a translator of the written word. Even though I won’t be setting up my camera in a studio environment for awhile, it will be satisfying to take street style photos and breathe fresh air while finding new style inspiration. I am already looking forward to next semester and meeting well dressed individuals!