STYLE GURU BIO: Jennifer Groce

January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello! My name is Jennifer Groce and I am a sophomore at Florida State University. I am double majoring in public relations and retail merchandising/product development with a minor in Business. I have been obsessed with fashion ever since I can remember. I grew up moving around from Chicago to San Francisco, before finding my permanent home in Jacksonville, Florida. My love for fashion started young with my endless tutu collection and lack of any color but pink. I found myself constantly playing Barbies as a kid, just so I could have access to a new closet other than my own. My grandmother influenced me to always stay creative with fashion, she saved all of her Vanity Fair and Vogue magazines for me to cut up/read. My parents have always encouraged me to foster my own creativity in everything I do.

In high school I began to find my style through various phases of hipster to prep. The experimentation was rather scary and I question my mother’s ability to let me leave the house on some select days. Once I decided to attend Florida State University, it was obvious to mostly anyone who knew me that I was going to pursue a major in fashion.

At FSU I try to stay involved with most things in the RMPD major, taking on a publicist position in the Collegiate Merchandising Association, getting a travel scholarship through the National Retail Federation and hopefully studying abroad in London or Paris this summer.

If I go missing, you can most likely find me in the nearest coffee shop or local boutique. Outside of school, I find myself daydreaming about the future, eating absurd amounts of chocolate and online shopping. I would describe my style as an ever-changing revealer of my current mood. I also have a love for floppy hats, glitzy items and all things Free People.

Once graduated, I would love to pursue a Master’s Degree in the public relations field at a school in a big city somewhere (fingers crossed for NYC). After, I would love to go into a career in Fashion PR working with a large company to expand its communications and work to plan events and press. At the same time though, I have a huge passion for the merchandising field of retail, and find myself often fantasizing over the elaborate window displays at Anthropologie. Only time and further experience will tell where I will end up, so we will see. Overall though, I am a free spirit who loves binge-watching Netflix, sipping on coffee and petting any cat I see.