STYLE GURU BIO: Jenna Gulick

January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

My name is Jenna Gulick and I’m in my last two quarters at the University of California, Los Angeles! UCLA has afforded me incredible opportunities to grow in my knowledge of culture and communication. Los Angeles has provided me with the opportunity to get my career off the ground while I’m still in college. I’m currently managing online and social media marketing for a diverse group of great businesses. In many cases, my job involves fashion! I’m also continuing to intern at WhoWhatWear, which is a huge boost for my fashion IQ.

Not only has my mentality developed through college, but my style has as well! I love the versatility of simple pieces. Even though it was difficult, combing through my closet and only picking out the things I really wear was a huge move as I get ready to graduate. I’ve realized that sometimes less is more. I’m a big fan of ankle boots in every color, as well as the outfit-boosting power of a structured bag. The camel, olive, gray and cream pieces in my closet mix so well together that the combinations are more endless than ever before. Plus, the pieces are fairly simple and timeless, so I hope they are investments that will help me even more as I keep moving forward to the working world.

CollegeFashionista has given me lots of unique opportunities to interact with fashion and brands in my community. Most recently, I was selected to attend Pearl x Change in Los Angeles hosted by Nicole Richie. I even held the bathroom door open for Cameron Diaz! Even though this is my last semester with CollegeFashionista, I’m still enjoying the doors it has opened. I’m also grateful to my friends and family for all of their help with photos and outfits along the way. Here’s to one more great semester of style!