STYLE GURU BIO: Jamie Shindler

January 5th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Jamie Shindler

So here I am, ladies and gents. After four semesters of being a Style Guru, I have been hired again to fulfill your hopes and dreams of writing some clever banter about some style trends that I am completely opinionated about but may not even be accurate to the fashion world itself. So thank you to my fans for continuing to read my work and give me hope that some people agree with my life choices when it comes to pants and scarves.

I am now attending my last semester of my senior year at the University of Arizona. And for the dozens of people who have asked, no I am not going to grad school and have no intention to ever study as hard as I have for the last 21 years of my life ever again. So quit asking Grandpa. But on that note, I am starting to apply to marketing jobs for when I graduate. And also on that note, if anyone happens to know the head of marketing over at Nike, if you could be so courteous to give me a shout out that would be great.

My love of volleyball, hiking, puppies, and rollercoasters hasn’t changed in a while, but my love of pants has! I hated pants up until a few weeks ago. It may have been a combination of the weather dropping and the fact that I haven’t bought a new pair in a few years, but when I bought these black jeans, I decided I like pants again. I guess I only have to wash my Lulu leggings every two weeks now.

I still think that dresses are more comfortable than leggings, and I also think that a scarf is the ultimate accessory. I will never advocate the choker necklace, but will always advocate a nice pair of earrings. Short booties over Converse any day baby. I’d also like to note that half my closet is blue, because it reminds me of the sky, which is where I usually am when I jump to conclusions.  Glad to be back sharing my great findings in between my 21 units.