STYLE GURU BIO: Jamie Shindler

Guess what friends? I’m back! This will be my third semester working for this great company which means I know how to spot a true Fashionista from miles away.

My style has not changed much this last semester, but there are some new things going on in my life. I am still a junior, but I got into the business school as a marketing major here at the University of Arizona, which is beyond exciting for me. I have been told it’s my specialty to draw heels in my fine arts minor classes, which is no surprise.

Since I play so much volleyball, it seems like I wear spandex a lot because it’s the closest thing to being naked while also being socially acceptable. When I’m not in spandex, I’m usually in a bathing suit because the weather is in the 70’s for most of the year here in Tucson, Arizona. I also believe in tan lines because it proves you got tan, so I will never undo the straps of my bikini when I lay down because I want my friends to know the amount of effort I put into my slightly darker skin tone.

My interest in fashion has grown drastically ever since I started working for this company, and I hope it continues when I start looking for jobs after I graduate. I love sports clothing for obvious reasons and hope to market for amazing companies like Nike or ASICS one day.

I have a pretty basic white girl sense of style, which my readers have definitely realized by now. I’ll challenge the saying “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” any day because Lulu leggings and puppies will always beat it. You can count on one hand the amount of times I have gone out without wearing heels, because it isn’t a party without them.