STYLE GURU BIO: Izabella Latrach

“Hmm, San Marcos, never heard of it,” is usually the response I get when it comes to any sort of introduction . I’m from the small town of San Marcos, 20 miles inland from the beach and the city each way in the valley of San Diego, California. I can literally relate to the Journey song; I’m a “small town girl,” for sure, but I suppose I don’t live in a lonely world. Instead, I’m majoring in Fashion Merchandising at Palomar College, five minutes away from home, and I work at Lush Cosmetics.

I was basically born into the fashion world, being named after model Isabella Rossellini, (and for my middle name Gianni, after Gianni Versace). But honestly, I thank my mother for teaching me that my beret should match my Mary Janes and to never worry about what others think.

If you ask anyone to describe my personal style they wouldn’t be able to do so easily. I change my look everyday—I’m worse than a chameleon. But, for now, I would say my style ranges from ’90s grunge to preppy to L.A. street style. Some of my personal hobbies include attending the hottest music festivals and concerts, such as Coachella because they give you the freedom to express yourself through your clothing from styles ranging from pom-pom buns to RAD colored disco shorts. I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for me—literally .