January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas! My name is Harry Xu and this is my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista. I am currently a senior at The Ohio State University and pursuing my degree in international business and Chinese. I am super thrilled to see what my fellow Fashionistas’ winter styles are!

My interest of fashion actually just came about this past summer, when I went to Manhattan on vacation and just fell in love with the glamorous fashion.  Also, watching the television show Gossip Girl made me love fashion even more.  Although I have always loved shopping, it was not at the point to where shopping and fashion were my life.  My style beforehand was boring and there was little to no effort involved. But as soon as I stepped into Manhattan it had all changed, Manhattan gave me inspiration to be stylish. New York is one of the fashion capitals of the world, and it really gave me a more appreciation of fashion. Ever since I got back, I have to look fabulous and stylish everyday.

I dress for the city I am in and where I am going. From living in the Midwest to vacationing in Manhattan, I have gained so many different personalities within my style. My favorite thing to do is dress for fabulous occasions, from trim dresses, my favorite dress, and skinny jeans with a cute T-shirt and heeled booties. It does not matter where I am, I am always wearing something glamorous and stylish, neutral or black in color and booties or heels to make me look fabulous.

I can’t wait to share my fashionable looks from campus with you. Check back in the middle of each month for my articles!