STYLE GURU BIO: Hannah Nichole

Hi, Fashionistas, Fashionistos and fashion lovers everywhere! My name is Hannah Nichole, and I’m a freshman at Michigan State University. I am a firm believer in the theory that the better you look, the better you feel. I always try to dress my best in a way that I feel reflects my personality at different stages in my life. On my style days off, you can find me lounging around in a comfy pair of sweatpants surrounded by great food and even better music.

My number one style obsession is learning how to dress nice without looking like you’re trying too hard. Everyone has that one way of dressing that they know they can always rock without fail. My go to outfit consists of a cute top, my favorite pair of Timberlands and some really great leggings. I’ll usually accessorize with a long necklace and small rings, and you can usually always catch me with my classic signature gray beanie on to go along with my chill personality. I don’t believe that anybody should be restricted to one specific style for the rest of their life. As I get older, my fashion changes with me and I discover something new every day.

Fashion is a way of expressing yourself through your own unique and personal style. I am truly looking forward to being a Style Guru this semester. I could not be more excited for this opportunity and the experience that I will gain with it. Follow me on this journey.