Student. Athlete. Fashionista.

These are three words I would choose to describe who I am in the most basic sense. While there is much more to me than just being a fashionable student athlete, this encompasses almost everything.

But wait—doesn’t being an athlete mean I wear sweats all the time? No way. I’d like to think that I dress fashionably everyday for class and that I even dress fashionably for practice sometimes as well. I never go to track practice without matching my shirt to my spandex, and you better believe that I have some crazy patterned running leggings to wear in crazy cold temperatures during Saturday long runs.

While the athlete side of me does love her sweatpants, she only accounts for about 25 percent. The remaining 75 percent is all Fashionista.

Coming to college in Naperville, I found it way easier to express my fashion sense than living at home in a small farming community. My high school classmates found my wedges and vests to be out of the ordinary and it was basically the end of the world if someone wore all black. It wasn’t until coming to North Central College that I was finally able to come into my own and be fearless in my fashion.

Yeah, I wear all-black and I like it.

This outfit is almost rare for me, since I added a pop of color with my cross-body bag from Gap. It creates visual interest within an otherwise relatively monochromatic look.

While I don’t use much color, I like to find details in my neutral colored pieces that make them unique. This short dress from H&M caught my eye, because of the lacing detail at the neckline and the flared sleeves. To give myself a little extra warmth in the chilly Illinois weather, I added black tights, also from H&M, and a black faux fur vest from Topshop. Finishing off my look are my dearly beloved black suede booties from Forever 21.

Mostly black is my self- proclaimed style aesthetic, so I’m just going to keep running with it because it is slimming after all. Running does that too, but wearing all black is much easier.