STYLE GURU BIO: Haley Brandt

When it comes to fashion, sometimes it’s easy to lose yourself. It can be a hectic world with endless styles around you and so many trends going in and out. I often find myself comparing my own style to those around me. This can be hard, but I have learned that it can also be very constructive.

I have always had my own personal style, but a challenge that I continually face is how to evolve my style. Too much of the same thing can get boring, but too drastic of a change can feel unnatural and uncomfortable. Therefore, I am constantly seeking ways to change up my wardrobe while still staying true to my own style.

As I am going into my third semester as a Style Guru, one thing that I have learned is the power of inspiration and influence. It has amazed me how walking around campus with a keen eye has not only supplied me with subjects for articles but has also influenced my own wardrobe in such positive ways. I have learned to spot trends on campus (or on the Instagram profiles of my fellow Style Gurus), and channel them into my own style, rather than letting them overpower my style.

Here I was influenced by the monochromatic looks I have seen a lot lately. I am wearing mostly black, but stayed true to my love of color by adding a pop of pink with my shoes. I consider this look to be quintessentially “me,” as it is mostly timeless pieces with an of the moment feel. The striped turtleneck and the pink mules keep the look current. The black peacoat will obviously never go out of style, and the big black tote is not only timeless, but big enough to hold a busy girl in 2017’s essential knick-knacks.

My advice to all the Fashionistas/os this semester is to let the people around you inspire you. Don’t be afraid to be influenced; you can’t have originality without a bit of influence. Just take little pieces of the various styles around you and channel them into your wardrobe—but always, always stay true to yourself.

Let’s have a great semester!