STYLE GURU BIO: Gessica Suffy

Hey beautiful people. I go by the name of Gessica Suffy, but most people just call me Gess (pronounced Jessica, just replaced with a G). I know, cool right? Travelling all the way from the beautiful city of Miami, I am a junior attending Syracuse University majoring in Psychology with a minor in Addiction Studies, while also being on the pre-med track with hopes of going to medical school.

My love for clothes started my freshmen year of high school when my mother took me to my first thrift store. That was also the start of my adoration for thrift stores. I remember walking in with the typical, negative mindset that we’ve all once had about thrift stores. And then I walked out with a garbage bag full of clothes. For me, being in a thrift store is the equivalent of Stephen Curry being in the Finals. I feel that this is where my creativity comes out the most. There is no rulebook to fashion, and you definitely don’t need a lot of money to express good taste.

If I were to ask my friends how would they describe my style, I’m pretty sure outlandish would be the consensus. I’m most known for my lack of matching. I admire uniqueness and individuality in outfits. I believe the best part of fashion is trying different pieces that are out of your comfort zone and watching yourself evolve. The theme of your personal style should change on a daily basis, which is why I can’t exactly give a label as to what my personal style is. Though I will say that I do get most of my style inspiration from the guy’s side of the closet, going for a bit less feminine silhouette. I also love to build and layer to create my aesthetic, but then again who doesn’t love layering. But from time to time, I don’t mind keeping it simple and expressing my femininity, as I have done in the pictures above wearing my favorite dress from Urban Outfitters matched with my go-to pair of Steve Madden slip-on sneakers. And to keep this look from being a little too simple, I added the oh-so popular choker, along with a couple of rings and my everyday Casio watch.

Although Syracuse University is located in the one of the most snowiest cities up north that doesn’t stop the students from showing off their best looks. And I can’t wait to capture those looks and share them with you all!