STYLE GURU BIO: Emily Winshel

January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Fashion is my artistic form of choice. While I like to tell myself I’m not half bad at Pinterest-inspired DIY projects, the truth is that I’m not very hand-eye coordinated so I’m not the best at arts and crafts and putting things together. Crafts frustrate me actually, because I can never seem to make any of my creations look good. Fashion and outfit planning, on the other hand, come easily to me and I think they’re fun hobbies. Obviously I love going on shopping sprees (who doesn’t?!) but I also enjoy just aimlessly wandering around my favorite stores with no intentions to make purchases. I like eyeing new trends and clothing pieces to get inspiration for use of items that I already own at home (and of course making a mental list of everything on my “I need to buy” list). When it comes to clothing purchases, I really can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on one item or accessory—so I never do. I much prefer to shop at cheaper stores where I can get more bang for my buck and not feel bad about removing an item from my wardrobe if it goes out of season quickly.

There are many trends, both new and old, that I am loving this winter. I do love the booties trend; however, I like to be realistic with my ensembles and let’s face it—booties in snowy/icy weather is just not a good idea! Riding boots have long been a favorite of mine. While I own boots in just about every color imaginable, basic black leather boots will always be my go-to. Oversized sweaters and cardigans are also on the top of my favorite winter items list. Talk about comfort on a cold, winter day! I’m also really into the faux fur outwear trend that can be found in almost every store! I’m a vegetarian, so I’m not a fan of real fur jackets but those faux fur vests and lightweight jackets that are popping up everywhere are so cute!

I am in my junior year at Temple University in Philadelphia. When I’m not busy with school or other internship work, I spend time with friends, exploring the city or doing photo gigs—I have my own little photography business.  Along with being a photo addict, I love street fashion and writing so CollegeFashionista has been a great way for me to express myself. Being a Style Guru has actually opened doors to new internships for me and introduced me to new friends, so for that I am thankful! While fashion is not what I’m studying (I’m a communications and public relations major), it’s something that I enjoy as a hobby so I have always felt that being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista was a good fit for me (and this is my fifth semester writing!). I hope you enjoy my articles. Have a trendy semester, fellow Fashionistas/os!