STYLE GURU BIO: Emily Reardon

My name is Emily Reardon and I am a junior at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. I am studying fashion merchandising and journalism. So far, I have loved every moment of it! Last spring I wrote the ACCESSORIES REPORT for CollegeFashionista and I am so excited to be returning this semester!

My style is influenced by so many things, especially my friends at TCU. This year, I am living with five other girls in a house we share off campus. Often when I tell people this, they tell me I’m crazy and that they could never live with so many girls. However, I think it has been the best semester yet. For me, being in a house full of girls has many positives. One of the best parts is a communal closet. Between six girls under one roof, there is always something to wear. So many girls brings many different styles as well and our house has all of the categories covered. Even though we have only been living in the house for just one semester, I can see my own style change. My friends have encouraged my style to evolve as I mature. Often I am talked into trying on pieces that I would never have thought of a year ago and I am always surprised when I end up loving them.

Currently, one of my favorite pieces is a black fur trimmed cape, which I used to wear years ago. I had actually forgotten that I even had a cape, until I did some cleaning out of my closet after the holidays and I am so glad I found it! Capes are great because they are so easy to wear and look great with everything from jeans and flats to a dress and heels. I look forward to finding new Fashionistas/os around TCU and sharing them with the CollegeFashionista readers this semester.