STYLE GURU BIO: Emily Prussock

January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hi Fashionistas/os! My name is Emily but most of my close friends and family call me Em. I’m a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University and am super excited to be a Style Guru for this spring semester! Fashion has always been an important part of my everyday and I am so thrilled to get to share a little of it with you all. In college, I am studying Fashion Merchandising with a minor in General Business. I plan to graduate in May 2017 and hopefully make the big move out to New York City. Living in NYC has always been something I’ve wanted to do and I think living in a city like Richmond is getting me even more excited to move to the big apple. Currently I work at an awesome boutique called “Lex’s of Carytown” where we sell things from casual wear to formal gowns. It’s a lot of fun getting to help people shop for such special events!

That’s another thing about me, which I’m sure a lot of you Fashionistas/os can relate to. I am a major shopping addict! If my job could be to shop everyday 24/7 that would be the absolute perfect one for me. My favorite stores include places like Nordstrom’s, Francesca’s and South Moon Under. As for my style, I would definitely say that I am a mix of everything. My style is constantly evolving as I grow older and I find myself wearing things that I never would have worn before. I like to say I’m a classic girly girl with just a touch of edge. My outfit above is one of my favorites. I love it because it has some of my favorite staple pieces such as fur and booties.

One thing I love about fashion is that there is no right or wrong. Back in the day, wearing white after Labor Day was not allowed. Now winter white is a huge trend from the runway to college students like me. That’s what I loved about this fur vest that I’m wearing. It’s the perfect white color and can be paired with so many different shirts and dresses. As for the jeans, I love that they are classic but just have the small rips in them here and there! It lets you have a bit of an edgier look while still staying classy for things like work. Then to finish the outfit just pairing it with an awesome suede bootie, statement necklace and cross body bag complete the look! This is so easy to add different fun accessories depending on your own personal style.

I love getting to live in such an amazing city like Richmond, Virginia and experience everything it has to offer. There is so much creative energy and the different fashions you see around campus are always so unique. Can’t wait to give you all a look into my life here in Richmond over this semester!