STYLE GURU BIO: Emily Lebsock

Hello my beautiful trendy humans! I am ever so excited to be returning as a Style Guru for my third semester here which also happens to be my last semester before I pretend to actually be an adult in the real world. I attend The Ohio State University and I am a senior majoring in photography. When I am not doing the absurd time consuming things it requires for an art major, I like to fancy myself some online shopping, petting cute dogs, eating french fries or reading books. I love to watch fashion documentaries and I have a problem hoarding magazines.

Fashion is a large part of my life. I love getting up and figuring out what i’m going to wear each day, even when I can’t find anything to wear, I always love planning outfits for myself. I also love dressing anyone who will let me dress them, if any of my friends have an event or need something to wear I will volunteer to help them look seven shades of fab. Expressing my mood through my clothing is the best way to figure out what I’m feeling that day. Whenever I throw on that leather jacket, watch out world, I might as well be the boss lady, because I’m taking names with my sass that day. If I toss on a fur coat? Oh goodness you can call me queen Em because I will be feeling fabulous. I love to experiment with my clothing and to see how that can accentuate whichever Emily I am feeling that day.

My style is constantly evolving, but at the same time I find myself going back to the same classic pieces I own. I love adding my own little flare to an outfit, whether it be with a razzle dazzle shoe, a blanket scarf I can practically sleep in or a piece from my mom, who is the most fab human on the planet, a little thing can add such personality to any outfit to make it your own.

Writing for CollegeFashionista completely changed my outlook towards my future, this internship is what really made me see that fashion world is the place I just have to be in and that I had known this all along. I cannot wait to share with you guys the wonderful fashions of my school and to see all the exciting things to come this semester!