STYLE GURU BIO: Eliza Buergenthal

January 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi everyone! I am Eliza Buergenthal, and I am a freshman at Syracuse University. Around campus, I love seeing how different students personalize their outfits as they walk from class to class. I am so excited to be a part of the CollegeFashionista community as I navigate my first Syracuse winter. I can’t wait to see more beanies, fur vests, booties and sweaters as I report back to all of you with the latest winter trends.

As a dual Public Relations and International Relations major, I know how important relationships between different groups of people are. I love witnessing how people present themselves and show how they want to be portrayed through the choices they make through their clothes. Fashion as an identifier is such an amazing part of our lives, and I can’t wait to explore how students do this as I write for all of you.

There is nothing better than the perfect outfit. Regardless of whether I am walking to class, hanging with friends, tailgating, or going on a date, the perfect ensemble always gives me an extra boost of confidence. I love how clothes and fashion take on a life of their own, especially statement pieces. A pair of heels can look effortless and cool paired with boyfriend jeans, or elegant and glamorous when coupled with a cocktail dress. This type of versatility is something that I live for, and often find myself trying to use any new pieces in as many ways as possible.

In addition to all the trends I am expecting (and excited) to see this season, I can’t wait for all the new trends winter has in store. Monograms are making a comeback, along with winter whites, gold jewelry and wide brimmed wool hats. With this plethora of new ways to dress for the cold, and then eventually for the spring, I am ecstatic to have this new outlet as I write about the fashion that surrounds us every day.