STYLE GURU BIO: Dominique Williams

January 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

My name is Dominique Williams, and let this stand as your informal introduction to my fashion escapades! I am a junior at Philadelphia University, studying marketing with a customary minor in fashion merchandising and management. With this, I hope to become a fashion market editor for a leading fashion publication (Teen Vogue, call me!) This is my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista and I am truly excited for the many opportunities that wait ahead.

I can honestly say that being fashionable was not always my strong suit growing up. From high-water pants and chunky sneakers, I was a sight for sore eyes. Fortunately, there came a turning point in my life where I found myself becoming more and more aware of the trends around me and I could translate them into my style. Once I caught the fashion itch, it has never left (thankfully), and over the years my style has transformed from a nerdy, uncoordinated ensemble with no course or direction into a polished and sophisticated look. I can happily say I consider myself a Fashionista in every shape of the word!

If ever asked about what I would consider to be the factors that easily capture my attention, I would have to respond by answering every and all garments that modify a person’s shape, movement and drapery. These three elements in an item are some of the most important distinguishes that captures the eye. The sharp line of a structured shirt, the fluidity of a mid-length skirt and the story that the drapery of a garment can create are all elements that I would have to express as my favorite views of an outfit.

Withe the opportunity to be an influential observer and columnist of young adult fashion, I will implore myself to not only feature trends that I find fashionable, but also styles that are peculiar and foreign to rudimentary societal guidelines in order to showcase its beauty and art form. I believe that being a Fashionista/o is not solely about following the latest trend or wearing the newest brand, it’s about making your garment work for you and transcending your personality throughout it. After all, it’s you that makes an outfit.

I hope my audience will be able to distinguish a trend or a style that they previously believed to be unapproachable and gain the confidence to recreate it to best suit them.

Continue to follow me throughout this journey to see the various art forms I will capture. That’s all for now. ‘Til we meet again, Fashionistas/os!