STYLE GURU BIO: Dominique Pilosi

My name is Dominique Pilosi. I am a sophomore studying at Temple University located in the wonderful city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m majoring in public relations with the hopes of landing myself a dream job in the high paced world of New York City. Until then though, I’m happy to be living in Philly and thrilled to be starting my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista! Can’t wait for this RAD year to begin!

My urge to study in Philly and hopes to live in New York didn’t aspire out of nowhere. I was raised in Taylor, Pennsylvania, probably one of the smallest towns in PA. I mean my graduating class consisted of less than 90 seniors (crazy right!?) So getting to live in a big city was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. This new move, however, was more than I expected, it was a different experience to be living amongst so many people. I needed to find a way to make myself standout. After a minute of brainstorming, I figured why not use what I know best to help me tackle this issue, fashion! I’ve always been a lover of fashion, so throwing together some cute outfits for class every day to help me stand out in a crowd of cherry and white hoodies was no problem.

I truly believe in the idea that if you wake up every morning and put effort into your appearance you will feel better, more alive. Think about it, when you roll out of bed, throw on sweats and toss your hair up in a hat quick, you certainly don’t feel your best. Yes, you may be undeniably comfortable, but you’re still tired and probably unnoticeable. Really who do you notice more, the kid sitting in class wearing sweatpants and their university hoodie or the girl who has on the cutest pair of sandals you’ve ever seen? Don’t get me wrong I love being in big, baggy sweats as much as the next person but, there are ways to stay comfortable, be happy and look/feel like a Fashionista/o. A sure fire way to stay comfortable and cool in the summer is by sporting a romper just like the one I’m wearing. They’re fast, easy and you will always look effortlessly chic.

I cannot contain my excitement to begin exploring the city as well as my own campus and uncover all different people with unique styles. I am grateful for this experience and the endless opportunities it will provide. I hope you all follow along with me this semester as I try to find different ways to help you stand out, give comfortable a new meaning and be a true Fashionista/o!