STYLE GURU BIO: Diana Akhtyamova

My name is Diana Akhtyamova and I am sophomore at Brooklyn College majoring in marketing. I am originally from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. In the case you don’t know where it’s located, it’s a small country, compared to Russia, in Central Asia with a rich history. At the age of 14, I moved to New York and that’s where the story begins.

During my high school days, I developed a strong interest in marketing. By joining Virtual Enterprise International, I was able to gain knowledge about different aspects of business. During my senior year, I was “hired” as a Director of Marketing Department of our virtual company and had to learn how to be a team player and a leader. It was a busy year, as I was in charge of writing a business plan, presenting it at the National Business Plan Competition, getting ready for the Trade Show and so much more. After I graduated, I worked as a marketing intern at Learning Express… Okay, you can find all this information on LinkedIn. But I think it had a crucial impact on my personal style. You will see why.

But what about fashion? I always loved fashion and I still do. I think the fact that I’m a president of the fashion marketing society at Brooklyn College speaks for itself. Also, I’m working as a stylist at Ann Taylor. I have decided to join a CollegeFashionista team because I believe it’s a great foundation for my future career. I hope to combine my passion for fashion with marketing and see where all these opportunities will take me.

Stayed tuned and thank you for reading!