STYLE GURU BIO: Dejeune Harris

Hello, my name is Dejeuné. I’m passionate about two things and they are my son and fashion. I am a fashion merchandising major at the University of the District of Columbia. I desire a career that gives me so much joy and fulfillment, that I’m undecided as to which area I want to focus on. I know that being able show my creativity or helping someone find theirs would be the only way I could achieve that.

I’m interested in all facets of fashion. I want to try everything from fashion editorials to merchandise buying. Photography and styling are my current obsessions, so being able to be a Style Guru is a dream come true. Washington, D.C. was not considered a fashion capital but that is rapidly changing. I want to bring this untapped fashion treasure trove to the forefront, by breaking down untraditional fashion barriers.

I feel that fashion is art, because it cannot be boxed into one sector. There are no rules to expressing yourself, except that rules should be broken. Pattern mixing and different texture combos are essential. I have always liked mixing things up. As a teenager, I would wear buttons and Juicy Couture knee-high socks with my school uniform.

My style is ever changing. One day it’s ripped jeans and band T-shirts to high-waist slacks and puffy sleeves. As a result, one of the things I love about fashion is that you can reinvent yourself whenever you feel like it. With wardrobe essentials like a nude pump paired with a white button-down and a pencil skirt, the options are endless. I don’t really follow trends and I’m always true to myself when making fashion selections. Fashion is a way of expressing who you are. It is a representative of the inner you! When you are not comfortable, it shows. I’m very excited to share my visions and gain inspirations from new muses, and hopefully I can to inspire someone else.

In my look, I wore an A-line printed skirt with a vintage-inspired graphic T-shirt. The skirt has a vibrant linear print that screams summertime. To keep it simple and classy, I accessorized my outfit with all-gold everything. The rings and bangles are a fun way to dress up any look. Also, my floral hair accessory keeps the look fresh and jovial.