STYLE GURU BIO: Daysia Gaskin

“Fashion fades, style is eternal” -Yves Saint Laurent

That, my friends, is my life motto in which I will live by forever. I am a firm believer that no matter what fashion trends make their way into mainstream culture, a stylish gal (or guy) will always be able to adapt. So many of the ’90s fashion trends have made a comeback such as high-waisted jeans, chokers and Birkenstocks and I am SO here for it. Ask anyone what my favorite decade is, and if the ’90s isn’t their answer, they definitely aren’t my friend. It isn’t just the fashion aspect, but the music as well. I’ll take ’90s hip hop over today’s hip hop any day.

As you all can see, I love denim… and composing my entire outfit of it. Some like to call this trend “double denim,” but I’ve always called it “denim on denim.” It is absolutely my favorite comeback trend from the ’90s, and I am honestly giving myself life just by looking at my outfit. It’s such a shame I put this outfit together just to have a photoshoot on my front porch, but that’s beside the point. Along with my oversized denim button-down, from my boyfriend’s closet, I am also rocking a pair of black, chunky heels that I purchased during a flash sale at Rue21. Chunky heels are very in right now, and I am so glad they are because they are super comfortable. The thick heel allows for walking to be an ease and the platform makes your feet a little less arched. On top of that, your legs will still look elongated from the heel, so it is really a win-win type of shoe.

There are two things that I feel can be added to any outfit to make it better and those are hats and cardigans. Call me crazy, but I will throw on a cardigan in 90 degree weather if I feel like it’ll be the finishing touch to my outfit. Since my denim shirt fit so loosely, it wasn’t needed for the outfit I’m wearing in these pictures. However, the hat was a must. The color added more pizzazz to my outfit and the silver accents made it easy to incorporate my silver statement necklace and large hoop earrings. I recently got into really accessorizing my outfits, which is really sad on my part. Now I feel as if a lack of accessories is the equivalent of walking around half naked, and I do NOT want to be that person.

In addition to fashion, I’m really getting into photography and I love all kinds of animals, Pinterest, breakfast food and Grey’s Anatomy. And I also enjoy watching cheerleading videos and makeup tutorials in my free time. I know—I have no life.

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