John Galliano once said “The Joy of dress is an art” and I couldn’t agree more. Ever since I could remember I’ve had an intense passion for all aspects of fashion; from the production and manufacturing to the advertising and merchandising. I’ve adored many different art forms but fashion has always thrilled me. I mean, discovering new trends and reading seasonal runway reports just never gets old to me. I believe that every great outfit is like a masterpiece. What better canvas for expression is there? I’ve always admired that there is a freedom that accompanies fashion because there is no right or wrong there is just you. During the day a woman could go from an ordinary office receptionist restricted by her everyday clerical duties to an independent, vivacious wildcard of a woman by the simple switch from a blazer to a distressed leather jacket.

Growing up I was so overwhelmed by all the future possibilities this industry has. Being in college, the pressure has been on to decide what sector I belong in. Not too long ago I began collecting magazines. Then one day it clicked; I knew I was meant to work for a magazine. I was aware that the runway seemed to be the core of the industry but the magazines make it all come to life. I believe magazines connect the industry to the people and I knew I just have to be a part of that. I’m currently working on my Associate’s degree and intend to pursue multimedia journalism with a focus in fashion of course. I hope one day I can use my platform as an editor to promote sustainability and shed light on the darker aspects of fast fashion (watch The documentary True Costs and you’ll understand why).

I never feel the need to claim a specific style like grunge or boho-chic because I’ve always identified with aspects of all variations of style. Although I don’t like to limit myself to any one category I will say that I love taking risks with my looks. Recently I’ve found myself experimenting with athleisure looks. I find it so exciting that sneakers can be styled to look chic and classy.

Today I paired the cutest button-up shirt with one of my favorite rompers. I love the ease in just throwing on a romper. It’s as if half the work is done for you. I love mixing textures and prints so today was no exception. I hope you enjoy my trend reports just as much as I love bringing them to you.