January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

My name is Dana Luo and I am currently studying Psychology at Temple University. I hope to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy with my propensity for compassion. I have an innate desire to help all of those around me. Additionally, I have a creative side that contributes to all my peculiar, unexpected interests and traits.

Aside from school, I am a freelance artist who likes to create art that is specifically tailored to others. I have a deep affection for beautiful and breathtaking landscapes, which is where I usually draw inspiration from for my paintings. My art is a reflection of who I am just like how style can represent individual personality. Fashion is powerful when it is unique and I do not dress for anyone but myself as I like to wear what makes me feel happy and confident. Personal style is understanding what suits you and is also a visual depiction of who you are. There is no consistent or stable way to define my style because it’s constantly changing. I do not believe that fashion should ever be bound by rules since it is all about taking risks and making statements.

There is a rare chance that you will find me in a retail store because I am probably at a local thrift somewhere in the city. I own more clothing than a person could ever need, but I find it exciting when I can reintroduce old, previously loved items back into my everyday wardrobe. I enjoy playing with proportions and all different types of materials. I like a tight black silhouette and a generous amount of layers in an outfit for the winter. I paired a lightweight jacket with a lengthy, plaid duster coat underneath. I love introducing bold patterns to a rather simple outfit. The leather skirt adds texture to my black off the shoulder top. I’m someone who likes to wear dresses and skirts all year round so I have on a pair of sheer tights that help shield my bare legs from the cold. I am quite short so I appreciate my pair of Steve Madden platforms that give me a boost in height while still being comfortable. I can be very decorative with an outfit therefore, my jewelry wear is very minimal. I opted for a classic leather strap watch from Marc Jacobs and a few of my favorite bracelets. Lastly, I wore my Coach side bag that is a little scuffed up but hey, I got it at a flea market for only one measly dollar.

I’m a new StyleGuru for CollegeFashionista and I hope to document a wide variety of styles on campus this spring semester. I am excited to start my own outfit diary with the help of all the other Fashionistas.