STYLE GURU BIO: Cortney Sims

January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Welcome, welcome to my personal Style Guru page!

My name is Cortney; I am a fashion enthusiast from the capital of Missouri, a small town named Jefferson City. I am currently finishing up my senior year at Stephens College pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and Product Development in Columbia, MO.

I hail from the smack dab middle of the country, a small town where you can only imagine how deprived from good fashion I truly was, but that did not stop my fascination. If anything, it was one of the factors that motivated me. My desire to stand apart from the herd, to be original and different is what initially drew me to fashion.

One thing that I CANNOT live without is my unique winged cat eye that I created. Growing up, my mom did not allow me to wear make up until I was officially a sophomore in high school. I always liked how the tiny cat eye looked but I could never get it right, so after many failed attempts, I created my own using liquid eyeliner for the wings and white-eye liner for the inner corners. This is known to be one of my signature style identifiers.

My style is very reflective of my personality. I am a fanatic about mixing different textures and prints together. I always feel that layering this is one of the easiest ways to add interest to an outfit.

For the most part, I dress edgy, chic and femme. The photos of me in this post help articulate something you could find me in on a regular basis. I created an outfit that has a tough edgy yet soft femme appeal to it. Starting at bottom layer I wore a men’s crewneck T-shirt with fun size zippers and a button-down flannel on top. Sometimes I like to layer things in on traditional ways, so I put my vegan-leather moto jacket underneath my faux fur vest paired with black panty hose and booties studded in spikes. Accessories are always important, so to help keep the look timeless, I have a classic watch with fun cat eye sunglasses.

My favorite things to do in my spare time is create fashion illustrations, marvel at all the places I wish I could travel, go out with my friends and pin interesting things on pinterest. My ultimate dream is to become a designer for my own brand/company where I can create the concepts and illustrations of my designs to be produced and sold for the unique femme fatale.

I am beyond thrilled to have this opportunity to blog about the fashion that I witness around me for CollegeFashionista, and I am anxious and excited for you to take a look into the world of fashion through my eyes.