STYLE GURU BIO: Corinna Wong

Hey Fashionistas/os! I am so thrilled to be a Style Guru for another semester. I am currently on winter break from school, so I am at home in Hawaii (which would explain the warm weather clothes in the next few of my posts). When I get back to school, I will be a second semester sophomore studying journalism and fashion merchandising.

As I said in my first STYLE GURU BIO, I have a penchant for feminine pieces of clothing with a sense of modernity. My style is very classic but is not to mistaken as boring. I love dresses, skirts, bows, ballet flats and statement necklaces. I can always be seen shopping at Nordstrom and H&M. My celeb style inspirations are Olivia Palermo, Miranda Kerr and Taylor Swift, while my favorite designers are Oscar de la Renta, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior.

Like most others, my love affair with fashion began when I was little. In elementary school people told me that I dressed too “girly,” but I didn’t mind them because I’m a girl, so why shouldn’t I dress femininely? Did they expect me to dress like a boy? Outrageous! In middle school and high school, I had to wear a uniform, so I expressed myself through hair accessories, shoes and bags.

My style is influenced by the weather and location. If I’m in Hawaii, I’ll wear shorts, tank tops and sandals with a bohemian vibe as opposed to if I’m in Manhattan, where I’ll dress in lots of black and white modern pieces. If I’m at school at Marist, I tend to dress a little preppier because that is the general vibe of the student body. 

Speaking of Marist, this semester I’ll be scouting the most fashionable students for my posts. Be sure to check it out every week each Thursday.