STYLE GURU BIO: Copelyn Bengel

January 5th, 2016 at 2:10am

One late-night trip to Value Village, an all-nighter and 15 pairs of repurposed shorts later I knew fashion would forever be a large part of my life. This began the treacherous journey of my best friend and I building a brand, a business and a cliché attic workshop. Our 15 year-old vision, Bohlyn, grew into a small business of seasonal trunk shows and custom clothing. Since my entrepreneurial adventures, I have become a student at UNC Chapel Hill majoring in editing and graphic design. Last summer, I began my professional stab at the fashion industry as a buying intern at Kirna Zabete, a SoHo-based designer boutique. My current endeavors include interning at CAPITOL, a high fashion retailer based in Charlotte. I am also the Lead Style Editor for an on-campus fashion and lifestyle magazine called Coulture.

My closet today consists of too many patterned dresses, leather jackets, loads of vintage denim and of course my eccentric sneaker collection. My black-and-white adidas match everything, even (especially) my lace Sea dress, and my sparkly Golden Goose sneakers have seen the inside of many a fraternity house. I will wear anything black-and-white or with stars on it, most likely together with my Jeffrey Campbell platform boots. I wear the same three rings and four bracelets everyday, mixed metals and all. My hair color follows the season, dark in the winter, light in the summer and in transition during fall and spring. I worship Vogue.com and am an avid Instagram/blog follower.

I am thrilled to get to share another season of fresh trends from the Carolina blue streets of Chapel Hill, and hope that I can inspire you to try (on) something new or wear that striped sweater over that flower dress, at least to the grocery store.