STYLE GURU BIO: Clarke Imani

January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Clarke Imani (Kah-lark E-mon-E; Noun): A brown skin girl from Maryland but always running the streets of D.C. Being an only child, she knows how to be alone but usually chooses to surround herself with friends.

Studying business at UW Madison, she feels out of place yet in the perfect environment all at once. She’s surrounded by future accountants and retail managers while all she wants to do with her marketing and management degree is rule the world of fashion. She’s been sewing since she was six years old but now wants to be on the business side of the industry.

She aspires to influence; she wishes to inspire. She believes that when you look your best, you perform your best and that clothing is an art form and one of the greatest at that. She believes that fashion was crafted for pure expression and although everyone may not be able to appreciate it, she still holds it on the highest pedestal. She hates the idea of living just to work so she puts doing what she loves and turning that into a career as a priority.

She’s once been compared to a lob hairstyle- enjoying classic style but always with an unexpected twist. She enjoys simplicity like no other yet loves beautiful chaos all at once. Her style is like a Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Solange and Kendall Jenner mashup—you can’t miss her. She believes that it’s not where you shop but what you buy, closet being filled with thrift store finds to Forever 21 skirts to designer indulgences. She loves being simply chic but daring as well and she believes edginess is a key to success most of the time. She feels incomplete without lipstick and never shies away from incorporating or mixing bold colors and prints. She loves to stand out. As she can’t help but laugh at everything, she smiles 24/7 and hopes that it’s contagious.

As she continues to find herself, she tries to spread her positivity everywhere she goes and is always focused on moving forward. She believes in purposeful actions yet embraces impulsivity all at once. She can’t stand disorganization and finds joy in making stuff neat. Politics aren’t really her thing, but she does find philosophy intriguing. She thrives off quotes and believes that everything happens for a reason.

She also enjoys avocados with everything and has a weakness for shrimp. She gives compliments like no other and enjoys making people’s days. She shamelessly salivates over a perfectly sculpted pair of shoes and daydreams about colored fur. She lives for an oversized pair of sunglasses or an exaggerated wide-leg trouser. She cherishes family to the very end. If her music isn’t blasting, it’s not her. She’s a free spirit and irreplaceable. God is within her so she will not fall.

Ex. That Clarke Imani is one of a kind.

I am so excited to be a part of the CollegeFashionista Style Guru team! The cozy style of UW-Madison is about to be explored like no other!