STYLE GURU BIO: Christina Herbst

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello friends! I’m Christina Herbst and I’m so thrilled to be a CollegeFashionista Style Guru this spring semester. I’m a sophomore marketing and advertising double major at Bradley University. Some of my absolute favorite things are: Twenty One Pilots, The 1975, Swedish Fish, Tumblr, deep life talks, photography, fashion, being silly, reading BuzzFeed articles, my loved ones, skiing, sarcastic jokes and creating art. I’m usually seen with a chai tea latte in hand, running from meetings to class and having a social life. But enough about my super average life, let’s talk fashion.

My love and eye for fashion started off when I was being pushed around in a stroller at the age of three. Whenever my mother describes the first time she took me into the mall, she always chuckles at the fact that my eyes were darting around the room, trying to absorb all the bright colors and sparkles while a huge goofy grin spread across my face.

Over time, my fashion choices were well… interesting. I’ve never been one to stick with one fashion look. Yes, I did go through many phases (I still cringe at some of my interesting fashion choices I made in middle school—yikes). Luckily, over time, I learned more of what I felt comfortable in and what makes me feel beautiful. Most importantly, I learned to not listen to fashion “rules.” The best outfits are put together when you don’t follow the rules.

Currently, my style is whatever I feel like wearing that day. I don’t put a label to it. Similar to my wide range of music choices, my style has a pretty wide range to it as well. I like to mix my love for plaid, school uniform-inspired, classic glam looks with my grungy, artsy and edgy styles together. For instance, mixing pearl necklaces with flannels and leather skirts with Burberry print scarves.

For this outfit, I decided to mix my classic plaid scarf, dark plum skater dress with my tan booties. This outfit gives a glimpse of my everyday style. I can’t wait to show you more fashion twists that I have in store.