STYLE GURU BIO: Cassidy Lunney

May 31st, 2016 at 2:00am

Greetings to all of my fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Cassidy and I just finished up my freshman year of college as a fashion merchandising student. It went by so fast. I started off in New York City, but made my way back to my roots in New Jersey because I was unsure of what I wanted to do. After being home for a semester I realized I wanted to put my all into the fashion industry and I could not be happier. I’ve started a blog called Leave You Wild which you can follow here. I also started up a job at a super cute boutique in my hometown that I definitely spend most of my paycheck in. I allot my time assisting customers, tagging clothes and dressing mannequins. I’ve also volunteered at New York Fashion Week. All of the experiences that I have gained over the past two semesters have really opened my eyes to the world. The possibilities for my path in life are endless and I cannot wait to gain even more insight into the fast paced fashion utopia.

I have always been interested in trying new styles and adorning myself with unique clothing. My closet is currently a whole entire room in my home. Absolutely everything is color coded and easily accessible. I find myself purchasing a new item to add to my fabulous collection almost every week. Most people may claim that this is a problem, but I view it as more of a lifestyle. After all, fashion is my future.

Right now I am super into the boho chic look. You can usually find me in a funky shirt while sporting my favorite body chain along with some sunnies to spice things up even more. I absolutely love to wear jeans with perfectly placed rips and rad shoes to step up my game. I cannot wait to start my summer semester with CollegeFashionista! Make sure to stay up to date with all of my posts!