STYLE GURU BIO: Carlie Madlinger

STYLE GURU BIO: Carlie Madlinger

Hello beautiful Fashionistas/os!

Welcome to my page! I’m thrilled to be back this semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Carlie Madlinger and I’m currently a sophomore at Montclair State University. Fashion has always been a passion of mine and I feel my style continues to evolve just like me. My approach to life is to live outside of my comfort zone, which I believe correlates exceptionally with fashion. Taking risks with ones personal style is a great way to be creative and learn more about yourself.

Every chance I get, I make sure to go to the city. Manhattan has and continues to have such a monumental influence on my personality and style. In my opinion, the streets of Manhattan are a runway in their own right. I admire Manhattans diverse community and how each individual expresses themselves through fashion. Their confidence inspires me to always wear what I love.

For this look, I decided to play with pastels yet still mix in some of my edgier pieces. This cream faux fur coat is an absolute favorite of mine. I’ve had it for years and I find it to be the perfect addition to any look, especially during the chilly winter season. Kendall Jenner is definitely one of my style icons, so the moment I saw her wear a lingerie camisole at an appearance, I knew this was a trend I had to try. To execute this trend, I chose to wear this pink silk lingerie camisole. I’m obsessed with the color’s vibrancy and the cream lace trim just so happens to match my coat. To contrast with the delicate features from the camisole, I opted for these rad ripped boyfriend jeans to give off an edgier vibe.

In my opinion, jewelry is not an accessory but a necessity. It can turn any outfit into a fierce look. I decided to not only wear my favorite silver choker, but to add this rhinestone fringe necklace and accompany it with this pink diamond chain to compliment my camisole. Sticking with silver, I threw on these distinctive bracelets and rings. As you can probably tell, I love fringe. My black vegan leather purse with ombre fringe adds movement to my look and keeps it trendy. It may be winter, but flowers never die, at least, not in fashion that is. Obsessed with heels and anything that makes a statement, these eccentric floral shoes are everything I’ve dreamed of and pull together my entire look.

Being a part of this fashionable family last semester was such an incredible experience. Not only was it an outlet for me to indulge in and express my love for fashion, it has also sharpened my writing, photography, and marketing skills. This opportunity has inspired me to continue to pursue fashion journalism. I’m excited to see what the future holds! Looking forward to a rad and stylish semester Fashionistas/os!