STYLE GURU BIO: Camilla Mhute

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

The universe is created as a mystical garden filled with secrets that we may never know. The intriguing skylines, colorful landscapes and the all of the creatures and plants of the world have all helped inspire what we call fashion today. Without our natural attraction to the beauty of the universe, we then lack creativity. Naturally, my adoration to the intrinsically sophisticated world of ours, grew into something bigger than myself. Fashion has changed my life in many, many aspects and happiness followed thereafter.

This is the story of a young girl who dreams of a world bigger than what ordinary people see; a world that is so seldom explored by many. To be in fashion is be courageous and be able to take risks that bring forth your inner shine. It’s simple to assemble an outfit that has been tried before; but once you find a spark in your heart to step outside of the horizon and find the magic in combining colors, enhancing your figure and making you shine, then you have created fashion.

Designers who have been successful in the past were only successful due to their rebellious designs that were considered “out of their time.” Chanel’s boxy jackets and feminine pants revolutionized the way women dressed. Furthermore, Christian Dior saw a deeper femininity that all women echoed from within, thus created the mega brand that has left him a legacy as a power fashion house.

That is the dream that every Fashionista has if they are true to their passion; to bring the truth of life through the divine invention of assembling unique uniforms parallel to the universe. Welcome to my journey as I explore through the minds of some of the most creative beings on earth.