STYLE GURU BIO: Brooklyn Hans

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

I’m Brooklyn Tracey Hans—an 18-year-old, Fashion Merchandising major, second term Style Guru approaching everyday with the mindset that “there is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living”. The life that I am passionate about living is one filled with hard work, a place of “yes,” Sunday brunches, endless sweat sessions and killer street style. I am passionate about transforming inspiration and applying it to everyday life, which is exactly what being a Style Guru has taught me to do.

Ever since I started blogging for CollegeFashionista, I have developed a keen awareness for the world that surrounds me. Every day becomes a constant search for the perfect Fashionista/o to capture. This search is one that requires attention to detail and recognizing potential. My approach to picking up on details and potential in street style usually includes catching mirrored sunnies, leather skinnies or a pair of Saint Laurent ‘Tribute’ heels out of the corner of my eye. However, that is just the beginning.

My personal style can be defined as a harmonious blend of edge and femininity, however, I am never too quick to overlook a Fashionista/o who has a different style than my own. In fact, since becoming a Style Guru, I’ve learned to venture outside my comfort zone when it comes to rocking trends. My look featured in this article not only rebels against the ‘no white after labor day’ myth, it represents who I am and what I stand for—cohesiveness, poise and edge. If white high-waisted haute pants don’t say Brooklyn Tracey, I’m not sure what will.

Being aware of the world that surrounds us goes far beyond spotting great street style or a studded Valentino clutch. When you seek beauty in all things, you don’t only find it, you become it. With that being said, I look forward to sharing all the beauty I find this season with all of you. So, here’s to a winter filled with feeling as fab as you look, positivity and embracing the power that fashion has in fulfilling a life of passion.