STYLE GURU BIO: Brooke Steinberg

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

My name is Brooke Steinberg and I am a sophomore majoring in journalism with an outside concentration in business. I hope to one day be a writer for a popular magazine or newspaper. Maybe one day I could be a top-selling author. A girl can dream, right?

I am so excited to be writing for CollegeFashionista for my second semester! My style and love for fashion has progressed so much since I wrote my first bio last semester, even though it may just be the little things. Recently, I have become very adamant about adding a long necklace to many of my outfits. It adds a little more to the outfit and makes it look complete.

Although I still love my T-shirt dresses, I have started to wear more flowy shorts. It may be nearing the end of December, but it is still really hot in Florida, and we still have to dress in shorts. Plus, they match with everything.

One thing that has not changed about my style from last semester is my love for my high-top Converse. I wear my high-tops with practically every article of clothing. I don’t think these shoes will ever go out of style.

One of my favorite aspects about fashion is that while some things never go out of style, what’s trendy and what’s not is constantly changing. And the style changes with new seasons as well. I am excited to see what trends the students of UF have in store this semester.