STYLE GURU BIO: Brooke Keener

Hello everyone, my name is Brooke and I am a returning CollegeFashionista intern for the spring 2017 semester. I am excited to share my second half of my senior year at Emory University with all of you, and will keep you in the know of the standout on-campus trends.

Since this is my final college semester, now more than ever is the time for me to make an impact on my college’s fashion community. I am taking more risks than ever before, bending all the fashion rules and am putting together a wardrobe that expresses my personality without breaking the bank.

For this look, I wanted to bust the myth that curvier girls are unable to wear stripes. Time and time again, I have always avoided wearing those horizontal or vertical lines on my clothes because I was told it would make me seem larger or bring too much attention to myself. However, part of being an adult and going into the real world is making decisions for yourself. I love the stripe trend and think that anyone can wear them. At the end of the day, you should wear clothes that please you and not worry about what others think if they make you happy.

I paired my black and white striped dress with a pair of Timberland heels and a black and white patterned Betsey Johnson purse. The look is simple but fun and I cannot wait to wear these booties to my next home improvement store shopping trip.

Finally, I have always had issues figuring out how to style my hair since I have bangs. I decided to go with a look that is a bit of a flashback to the past: a tiny poof. It’s simple to accomplish and really adds a new dimension to my outfit.

As always, I am excited to share all of the great college fashion Emory University has to offer.  Stay RAD and cheers to a stylish new year!