STYLE GURU BIO: Brigitte Dale

Hello and welcome! Whether you’re looking for outfit inspiration, styling tips or fashion trends, you’ve come to the right place.

I always had a passion for playing dress-up and I’ve never really grown out of it. The irreplaceable feeling of shimmying into a sparkly dress and feeling new, glamorous, bold and daring originated from my years of performing in dance recitals and competitions. My favorite day was always when we would get to try on our beautiful new costumes for the first time. I have now learned that styling a great outfit or discovering a new statement piece can replicate that same exhilarating feeling of trying on a fabulous costume.

I study history in school and I am intrigued by the history of fashion, from the evolution of hemlines to the development of the first department stores in nineteenth-century Paris. I hope this blog serves to bridge the gap between my studies of the social and political implications of fashion throughout history and the self-expressive styles I spot on my campus today.

My personal style is constantly evolving, but in the words of Taylor Swift, I love that “red lip classic” style. My go-to wardrobe staples include lace-up riding boots, ballet flats, high-waisted skirts paired with feminine blouses and lots of knee-high sock combinations. I use accessories, from jewelry to jackets, which adds edginess or a pop of color to my classic silhouettes. When in doubt, I believe you can never be overdressed (oh, and a puppy is always the best accessory).

Keep an eye out for new blog posts and as always, stay #RAD!