STYLE GURU BIO: Brenna Cashen

Hi! My name is Brenna Cashen. I love fashion, writing, music and New York City even though I currently live in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I’m a junior Media Arts and Design major concentrating in Journalism with a Music Industry minor.

I love the mystery, romance and freedom that fashion gives us to express ourselves. It grants us the ability to transform into whatever person we want to be on any given day. Fashion tells a story to whoever it encounters. In middle school hallways filled with branded T-shirts and jean skirts, I realized my interest in fashion and having my own style. I never wanted to buy a T-shirt that eight other girls in my class would have. Since then, fashion has been an extension of my personality. I’m a fun-loving person who likes to do my own thing. My closet reflects this. I love mixing and matching styles and pairing pieces people wouldn’t expect together. My perfect outfit consists of something black, a statement piece and interesting jewelry.

Black is my favorite color to wear and a staple in almost all my outfits. There isn’t a bad season or occasion to wear black except maybe a wedding. Black can be preppy, grunge, glamorous, flirty or professional. There is no limit to black’s glory. The only rule I follow is to wear things I like. My personal style lies somewhere between an edgy, urban feel and a polished, preppy vibe. I like to think about it as the style of a successful, high fashion journalist by day who runs with a punk rock crew at night.

I am unbelievably excited to be a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista this semester. I’m always awkwardly telling people in line at Starbucks that I love their outfits, so I’m psyched to finally have a reason to do so in 2015. I can’t wait to be inspired by the fashion at James Madison University and share it with all of you!