I’m Bethery Yang, a fashion designer, photographer and fashion faith blogger. I’m currently in my last year at Mount Mary University, majoring in Fashion Design. I have always loved fashion and art ever since I was young. I also really enjoyed photography in high school, where I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop and took photographs of anything about fashion. Throughout my years in college, I decided to start up my own blog and brand myself on social media where I take a lot of photographs of people and of my own personal style. That’s where CollegeFashionista entered into my life. I thought being a CollegeFashionista Style Guru was the perfect place for me to do what I already love doing!

As a fashion designer and Style Guru, I have a strong taste in street wear and street fashion. Almost 99 percent of the time I get my inspiration through street fashion and just the urban setting of the cities around us. Some of my favorite designers are Balmain, KYE and Elie Saab. I really enjoy the minimalist style because it’s fun to play around with the details. What interests me are classic silhouettes with contrasting fabrics or basic garments with hardware embellishments. For me, it’s all about the details with the zippers, beads, hand-stitches, buttons, studs and so on. The small details are the things that make me love the garment most. Other than my love for fashion, I have a strong connection with my faith.