Welcome! My name is Becky. I’m a junior at Cleveland State University double majoring in Journalism and Promotional Communications and Fine Art Photography. I hope to graduate and move to New York City or London to work for a fashion magazine like NYLON or Vogue. I’m so excited to join CollegeFashionista for my first semester as a Style Guru this spring!

I remember being interested in fashion ever since I was a little girl. Shopping trips with my aunt were always some of the best memories, and getting dressed up for tea parties and dance recitals were the highlight of the year. But it wasn’t until I was older that I realized the importance of fashion. Fashion and trends help define and shape culture and history and it’s helped me to become more confident in myself and gives me an outlet to express myself unlike anything else.

My style has evolved in many ways over the years, I’ve rocked everything from the wanna-be rocker chick look to hipster art student. I feel like my style has finally mellowed out to something a lot less crazy overboard into a mix of minimalism and quirkiness. I gravitate to simple black and white pieces but I’m always looking for something creative and interesting to mix it with — like this oversized T-shirt and strappy bra combination paired with a statement beanie.

Living in Cleveland can sometimes be a difficult place for Fashionistas. Not only does it get extremely cold in the winter, but the overall gloominess can stifle fashion creativity at times. Nonetheless, there are plenty of stylish Fashionista/os all around the city, specifically at Cleveland State University. Be sure to check back with me on Fridays to see all the chic looks found around my campus!