STYLE GURU BIO: Baylor Cherry

STYLE GURU BIO: Baylor Cherry

Hi my beautiful Fashionista/os! My name is Baylor Cherry, and I am a first year Journalism major at the University of Florida. Fashion and writing are two of my all-time favorite things, which makes it even more exciting to be interning for CollegeFashionista this upcoming semester!

From my “Baylor Boo” days to now, I have always tried to personalize my wardrobe to match my various lifestyles. Growing up in Florida has definitely influenced how I dress, as there is basically only one season for nine months out of the year. Playing sports for 14 years has forced me to find ways to display my jersey while still maintaining an ounce of fashion sense. When finding new ways of differentiating myself from others, I turned to fashion. Though I’m not afraid to admit that I occasionally step out of my dorm dressed like a bum, I would consider my style to be a blend of bohemian and polished. One thing I learned growing up is that you don’t need to dress up for others. I dress the way I do to make myself feel better, not to impress others or to attract someone’s attention. If I were to give any advice, it would be to wear what makes you feel good, because then no one could ever wear it better than you.

My unhealthiest fashion obsession is shoes. Even with 32 pairs cluttering my closet, I still desire more. Pointed flats hog most of my closet space and are worn habitually, but recently a number of boots and booties have stepped out of hibernation to keep my feet toasty during the somewhat-chilly Gainesville winter. Thanks to Santa I have successfully added a new pair of cognac knee-high Steve Madden boots to my collection, but my current craving is a pair of heeled, leather lace-up boots for my trip to the Big Apple in March.

I am always sniffing around for fashion steals and sales. Marshalls and T.J. Maxx are forever my lifesavers when it comes to finding great deals for affordable prices. A new Steve Madden purse regularly priced at $98 for only $40? Check. I believe that having style isn’t about breaking the bank for the big designer brands; only a handful of things hanging in my closet could I say I paid full price for. Finding an inspiration for a look doesn’t take much effort either. Creativity is one of the best tools one could have, but shuffling through Pinterest doesn’t hurt either.

I am truly starting the New Year off right by getting the opportunity to work with CollegeFashionista and introduce new Fashionista/os around the Swamp each week! With an aspiration to hit it big one day in New York City, I am beyond thankful to be starting with such a wonderful company in order to better my knowledge of both writing and the fashion world. I’m excited to find and share more fashion-forward gators to y’all in the future, so stay tuned for new posts each week!